Laughlin, NV/Lake Havasu, AZ

In late May, 2009, we flew to Laughlin, Nev. and enjoyed?? the 100-degree days. Laughlin is centrally located between the Los Angeles Basin and Phoenix, Ariz., just 90 miles south of Las Vegas and is set in a rugged mountain terrain which gently slopes to the banks of the Colorado River.

Harrah's LaughlinHarrah's Laughlin2

We stayed at Harrah’s Hotel & Casino overlooking the Colorado River. Laughlin has 10 casinos and according to the World Casino Directory’s website,  their database says there are 12,365 gaming machines in Laughlin, and 365 total table games. You can click here for a complete list of casinos in Laughlin. Out of 50 cities in Nevada with legalized gambling, Laughlin ranks number 5 in number of casinos.

But, no, we didn’t just gamble. One day we boarded a jet boat and sped down the Colorado River to Lake Havasu, Ariz., where we had lunch near the London Bridge. It was 120 degrees in Lake Havasu that day, but at least the 3-hour trip each way was nice and breezy on the river. We had a nice lunch at a restaurant overlooking  the bridge and we  walked on the bridge after lunch.

In 1968, Robert P. McCulloch Sr., who founded the McCulloch Corp. that produced outboard motors, small engines and chainsaws, and who had developed Lake Havasu in the early 1960s, was awarded the bid for the bridge It took about $7.5 million to ship the 138 year-old “heap of stones” to Lake Havasu and reconstruct it over dry land.

Every piece is still numbered

The blocks were reassembled like a jigsaw puzzle and the arches were formed with the help of huge mounds of sand and dirt. The dirt was then dredged from underneath the arches, forming the one-mile lagoon-blue Channel.




  1. Hi Bob,
    Had the privilege of going over and under the London Bridge back in about ’78. Was on a trip to California with some friends. the couple I was with each had a brother One we met at Lake Havasu City where we rode his boat in the lake and a friend did a bit of water skiing. It was fun, but I expected the London Bridge to have the great towers on it. Different bridge.
    The other brother had a 5th wheel camper that he put in the KOA lot across from disneyland where we stayed while we went to a convention. Then we spent a very few hours going through Disneyland. Hard to take in a park like that in a couple of hours. We did a few things, but spent a lot of time trying to figure out where we were and how to get where we wanted to go. It was a good trip though.

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